On 6 March 2018, we interviewed Mrs. Allies and Mrs. Chaemesa on the topic of the E-Mathematics classes hosted during their Tuesday extra-mural sessions.

The program centers on grade 11 learners who have not yet mastered the art of performing Mathematical skills. It is believed that this practice will increase their knowledge and understanding of the subject and that it will ultimately strengthen their ability to perform better on baseline assessments.

Mrs. Allies explained that the point of the program is to improve their literacy in Math to the point of adequately answering exam questions.

Creating this forum for the “willing to learn” grade 11’s of 2018, it is hoped to spark better results than in previous years as well as boost these brilliant educators’ vision to enjoy a ninety percent pass rate at the end of the Matric 2019 year.

Picture: Seen interviewing Mrs Allies and Mrs Chaemesa are (left) Anwa Williams and Arcanjo Cassoba.