Our Staff


Dylan Tommy

Subject: Economics

email: dtommy@garcom.co.za

Chantal Chavda
Deputy Principal & Head of Grade 10

Subjects: English Home Language

email: cchavda@garcom.co.za

Azeem Firfirey
Head of Department, Head of Grade 8 & Subject Head: Accounting

Subjects: Accounting

email: afirfirey@garcom.co.za

Gradwill Pool
Acting HOD, Head of Grade 12 & Subject Head: Afrikaans FAL

Subject: Afrikaans FAL

email: gpool@garcom.co.za

Lincey Solomons
Head of Grade 11 & Subject Head: Business Studies

Subject: Business Studies & Economics

email: lsolomons@garcom.co.za

Najma Mohamed
Head of Grade 9 & Subject Head: Life Orientation

Subject: Life Orientation & English HL

email: nmohamed@garcom.co.za


Levert Fillis

Subject Head: GET Mathematics

Subject: Mathematics

Email: lfillis@garcom.co.za

Vanessa Fisher

Grade 8 Register Educator & Subject Head: English HL

Subjects: English Home Language

Email: vfisher@garcom.co.za

Deon Ryck

Grade 8 Register Educator

Subjects: Business Studies, Economics & EMS

Email: dryck@garcom.co.za

Thozama Malova

Grade 12 Register Educator & Subject Head: Social Science

Subject: Social Science

Email: tmalova@garcom.co.za

Nicole Pieterse

Grade 12 Register Educator & Subject Head: CAT

Subject: EMS & CAT

Email: npieterse@garcom.co.za

Erin Mahoka

Grade 12 Register Educator

Subject: Afrikaans FAL

Email: npieterse@garcom.co.za

Warda Allies

Grade 11 Register Educator & Subject Head: Mathematical Literacy

Subjects: Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy & Natural Science

Email: wallies@garcom.co.za

Shaameyah Abrahams

Grade 11 Register Educator

Subjects: English Home Language

Email: sabrahams@garcom.co.za

Leon Abrahams

Grade 11 Register Educator & Subject Head: Natural Science

Subjects: Natural Science & PT

email: labrahams@garcom.co.za

Ernest Petersen

Grade 10 Register Educator & Subject Head: Technology

Subject: Technology & PT

Email: epetersen@garcom.co.za

Prisca Muchinga

Grade 10 Register Educator

Subjects: Mathematics & Mathematical Literacy

Email: pmuchinga@garcom.co.za

Raeesa Hamid

Grade 8 Register Educator

Subjects: English HL & Life Orientation

Email: rhamid@garcom.co.za

Nuhaa Toefy

Grade 9 Register Educator & Subject Head: Economics

Subjects: Economics

Email: ntoefy@garcom.co.za

Geraldene Fortuin

Grade 9 Register Educator

Subjects: Afrikaans

Email: gfortuin@garcom.co.za

Cynthia Chaemesa

Subject Head: Mathematics

Subject: Mathematics

email: ccheamesa@garcom.co.za

Jacobus Roos

Grade 10 Register Educator & Subject Head: Creative Arts

Subjects: Creative Arts & English HL

Email: jroos@garcom.co.za

Barbara Voss

Subject Head: Visual Art

Subject: Visual Art

Email: bvoss@garcom.co.za


Tasneem Essa

Email: tjacobs@garcom.co.za


Riefqah Larnie


Email: admin@garcom.co.za

Muja Safodien


Email: accounts@garcom.co.za

Junain Davids

Estate Manager & Venue Hire

Email: jdavids@garcom.co.za


Patrick Martins

Mimmie Martins


About Us

Gardens Commercial is a coeducational inner city school with learners aged 12 – 18 years.



Address: Paddock Avenue, Gardens
Telephone: +27 21 465 1236
Facsimile: +27 21 465 1448
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